Nowadays, office environment requires advanced functions that can cope with complicated information and communication network. Accordingly, "New Concept of Office" has been actively distributed in consideration of pleasant balance among¡¸Human¡¹,¡¸Environment¡¹and¡¸Furniture¡¹. Now, the concept of office has been changed from simple space for labor creating intelligent production activity to the space pursuing humanity.

Elements of residential space such as¡¸ceiling¡¹¡¸wall¡¹and¡¸floor¡¹have tremendous effects for human activity. In particular, floor plays an important role in basic movement such as
¡¸place for standing¡¹,¡¸space for walking¡¹and¡¸space for sitting¡¹.From user's viewpoint, floor should have strong resistance to impact and durability as a matter of fact. Effect on the structure should be also considered. In addition, it is required to obtain necessary space and to be highly durable. Recycling of limited resources should be also considered for environmental aspect, in order to leave no waste to our descendents.

FOSPA not only satisfies these complex and strict conditions, but also makes it easy and convenient for execution and removal of partition since it is made up of strong and inflammable All Steel materials that can cope with minimum thickness and lightweight. As internal and external surface are coated with electro-deposition, it generates no rust or dust, causing no problem when installing optical fiber LAN. In addition, it does not cause environmental problem since it can be recycled when it is discarded in the future.